About Us - Serraiki Zimi

Founded in 1979, Serraiki Zimi's name is connected with high quality handmade products. Aiming to preserve the greek tradition and with respect to the Mediterranean diet, it "unlocks" flavors with a history: HANDMADE PIE FYLLO AND BAKLAVA (fyllo rolled with a rod). This kind of fyllo is traditionally rolled with a rod as our grandmothers made it on the traditional board (sofra). At Serraiki Zimi, wanting to follow a healthy lifestyle, we produce handmade organic pie fyllo and baklava, whole grain, multigrain and with low gluten - free products.
Serraiki Zimi, based on the constant values that possess its spirit, through an impeccable production process and strict control of raw materials guaranteed by ISO 22000 and haccp, rolls for you the most authentic, homemade, crunchy and traditional greek fyllo you have ever tried. It is specially made forthose who know how to distinguish the real homemade handmade sheet. The company produces private labeled products on behalf of various customers in Greece and abroad.Also, this fyllo and baklava can be available (by arrangement) for industrial use, in non-packaged form, in diameter and grams that are convenient for you.