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Σερραϊκή Ζύμη - Χειροποίητα φύλλα πίτας

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Home / Products / Handmade Whole Grain Pies / Handmade Whole grain Feta Pie 1kg
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Handmade Whole grain Feta Pie 1kg

Στην Κατηγορία: Handmade Whole Grain Pies
All of our pies are made with our traditional fyllo, they aare fully handmade using fresh vegetables. Made with passion.

INGREDIENTS: Whole grain wheat flour, filtered water, wheat semolina, mizithra, Feta cheese(PDΟ), cottage cheese, cow cheese, extra virgin Greek olive oil, cow butter, sunflower oil with high oil indicator (GMO Free), salt, turmeric.
May contain traces of nuts.

INSTRUCTIONS: Let the product rest in room temperature (60 minutes) on a tray which is suitable for baking. First spread some olive oil on it or put a non-stick sheet under the product. Bake the product in a preheated oven (160 C) for about 40 minutes.If you want it to be crispy after baking ,leave the product for 10 minutes to rest. Not suitable for baking in a microwave oven.

PRESERVATION : Do not refreeze
Preserved in freezer (-18C). After defreezing, preserved in fridge for 2 days. Produced and packaged in Greece by Serraiki Zimi-8th km Serres-Nigrita. Licence No.10/03-12-04C.Skoutari