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Σερραϊκή Ζύμη - Χειροποίητα φύλλα πίτας

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Handmade Pastirma Bites

Στην Κατηγορία: Handmade Bites

All our bytes have our handmade traditional fyllo and they are wrapped one by one, we are doing all the job and you just enjoy them! They are fully handmade.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, sunflower oil (high oily indicator, GMO Free), extra virgin greek olive oil, salt, turmeric, calf pastirma, beef meat, garlic, pepper, pigment: carmine,

Preservatives: potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite, semolina, gluten, gouda, edam, mozzarella, cow's milk, traditional cheese, sour cream, fresh tomato, salt, anise.

Instructions of Use:

Unfreeze the pie for 60 minutes in its baking pan which is suitable for baking.

If you want to bake your pie on another baking pan, make sure to apply butter on it first.

Bake in a preheated oven (160C) for 50-60 minutes.

If you want your pie to be crunchy, leave it after baking for 10 minutes and then cut.



Preserved in fridge (-18C) for about 24 months after day of production,


After defreezing, preserved in fridge for 2 days.